Device features:

- galvanically isolated USB port

- no external power supply required, isolated power available from USB port

- intelligent device driver, protection of mechanical components (automatic single setepping with adjustable timimg)



- 57600 bits/second data rate

- every byte received will be sent back (except spaces in the query comand, see below)

  even if it does not belong to any command

- commands are case sensitive

- 'r' will be sent to the host if a stepping is ready

  (for commands sx,sy,ix,iy)



   sx<hi><lo> : set x position

   sy<hi><lo> : set y position

   ix<hi><lo> : increment x position

   iy<hi><lo> : increment y position

   qx<space><space> : query x position, <space> won't be sent back, <hi><lo> instead

   qy<space><space> : query y position, <space> won't be sent back, <hi><lo> instead

   w<millisec> : wait time after a step