DAS1414C DSP data acquisition system


Host processor card

-              40 MIPS high performance 16-bit fixed point digital signal processor (ADSP-2181)

-              80kbytes of on-chip memory (code and data)

-              64kbyte program EEPROM

-              simple monitor program for serial port downloading

-              system software downloaded from the host PC extreme flexibility

-              easy communication with the host PC using simple serial port communications


A/D conversion and analog inputs

-              8 differential or single ended inputs (software selectable)

-              overvoltage protection for -35V..35V out of operating range

-              software programmable gain/input range : 0.1V, 1V,10V

-              approximately 1MHz bandwidth

-              300kHz maximum sample rate, 14-bit resolution

-              10us settling time to 0.01%

-              simultaneous sampling capability of 2 selected channels

-              integral non-linearity: 1LSB typical

-              total harmonic distortion (THD): 90 dB typical

-              external digital triggering, software analog triggering based on converted input voltage

-              external clock for conversion


D/A conversion and analog outputs

-              four independent channels with fixed 10V range

-              14-bit resolution, 1LSB typical nonlinearity

-              100KHz update rate

-              10us settling to 0.01%

-              three current generator outputs (1A,1A,100mA, 5ms settling time)


Digital ports

-              8 TTL outputs

-              8 TTL inputs

-              programmable TTL clock out up to 20MHz



-              two independent SPDT isolated relays

-              max. current: 1A


Sensor ports

-              three ports for sensors

-              5V power, DAC outputs

-              high resolution 16-bit sigma-delta A/D conversion, two differential and two single ended inputs

-              software programmable gain on differential inputs


Serial communication port

-              one isolated RS232 compatible serial port, 115200 bits per second data rate

-              one asynchronous serial port for internal communications


LCD display

-              4 lines, 16 characters per line

-            LED background illumination


Software support

-              DSP system software and system loader

-              LabVIEW library and examples